Meet your instructors

Prior to her appointment as Headmistress at Staunque Beaches Preparatory in September 2010, Miss Coolidge was First Deputy Headmistress of St. Slapahoe High School for Girls, a position she held since 2005, having joined the school in 2000.

Miss Coolidge holds degrees in Ancient and Medieval knitting from Titebuhnz University and in Shutting The Fuck Up from the University of Bitch Keep It Down Before I Get My Fucking Shoe. She also has her MA in Bitch Management from the Ticonderoga Backhand University.

Miss Coolidge is passionate about education, is committed to ensuring innovative and dynamic teaching and learning that develops each girl to the very best of her abilities.

Miss Coolidge enjoys swimming, reading, gardening, sucking cock, wine tasting, cleaning the toilet, and baking cookies.

Dr. Pricilla Pink is the heart and soul of the Chick Academy, bringing over 20 years of passion and experience to her position as Headmistress, counseling those who are lost and those who need the womanly guidance of a seasoned vagina. The Headmistress also embodies all that a Reverend Mother should be and is the instructor for the Reverend Mothers of the House Atraides.

The Headmistress represents the Academy in matters of emotional education and offers brave council against all its enemies including House Harkonan. The Headmistress may exercise all 'rights and responsibilities' detailed under the title Pink Proctor of Punishment.

Warm regards,

Miss Coolidge, Ph.D & Dr. Pricilla Pink