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Can't find the right guy? Maybe the guy you liked has stopped calling? Are you losing hope when it comes to relationships? Are you ready to call it quits? You're not alone.

Many women are stuck in the exact same dilemma as you. They fret about how to dress, what makeup to apply, how to act, what to say--the list is endless. We know what it's like for you to try to find the right guy in this day and age. But few people will ever tell you the real problem: IT'S YOU.

smooth sailing

Yes, you've already heard countless tips advising you to manipulate a man into a relationship. You've watched talk shows blaming men for not being able to handle you. You've read news stories about men acting like Peter Pan, never wanting to grow up, never wanting to commit to a relationship. But you've never stopped to ask yourself one very important question: What if I'm the problem?

Nobody has bothered to teach you what men really want in a relationship without including a lot of politically correct bullshit and useless myths.

Don't worry. We're here to set the record straight. We're not going to pull any punches with you. We're here to get you back on course, and that means cutting through the bullshit!

Chick Academy has so much in store for you! We are the first worldwide education center created for specifically for women. Here you have an amazing opportunity to meet and train with women from around the world in this one-of-a-kind educational environment tailored to meet your relationship needs. Let's get you started!

We cordially invites you to begin your education anew with us. In no time, you'll see a drastic change in your love life like never before. Instead of ending up the 3am blowjob girl, we're going to teach you how to become the woman he's always wanted. Your journey starts now.

Warm regards,

Miss Coolidge, Ph.D & Dr. Pricilla Pink

(Special thanks to these guys for all their love, support, and gigantic American penis!)